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Clubhouse and pool access should be easy!
We agree. That's why we created CellBadge.

We believe managing pool access is too hard...
it's time-consuming, expensive and thankless.


“We have used CellBadge for a year and are entering into our second. We have had some things added that make registering better for us, including freeing up a lifeguard to do what he is supposed to - guard lives. In the past all of our registrations were paperwork, and each time we had to enter a new person in. It required printing out 66 pages of lists of residents. Now we just add them into the database and away we go.

I would recommend that any community with a pool that wants to be able to register and monitor the users take on CellBadge. It’s very easy to use and very productive.”

— David Peat, The Villages of Longmeadow, Chester, VA

“CellBadge is super simple to use. It was quick for the members to check-in without having to carry anything extra. I was able to train the lifeguards in a matter of minutes which was great when I needed a new guard to sub at the pool. I could explain fast and get on with my job as manager.”

- Shannon Clemonts, Head Lifeguard, Swim Metro Pool Management

“CellBadge made it extremely easy to manage pool access. I was honestly skeptical at first because it sounded a little too good to be true. After seeing how the system worked, and then actually implementing it for our community, I was surprised at the ease of it. Lifeguards did not have to sit there with a binder of sheets to check someone in. It’s great to be able to change the status of a resident’s pass instantly. Not a single pass was handed out, which also meant, not a single member of our committee had to spend their Saturday at the clubhouse handing out passes. It was wonderful!”

- Ami Patel, Pool Committee Lead, Harper’s Mill, Chesterfield, VA


  • Online paperless registration
  • Take member photos and store them online
  • Manage anywhere at any time using a browser or cell phone
  • No expensive plastic laminated cards, colored wrist bands or key fobs
  • No HOA volunteers required
  • Simplified process for homeowners and the HOA
  • Instant homeowner status updates
  • Customized registration forms and pool policies
  • Flexible HOA rules for non-family members
  • Add Member notes for better service
  • Expiration dates added for better access control

Our Clients

The Villages of Longmeadow
Chester, VA

Harpers Mill
Chesterfield, VA

Summit Chase
Pikesville, MD

Embrey Mill
Stafford, VA

Island Creek
Alexandria, VA

Jefferson Place
Frederick, MD

Farmwell Hunt
Ashburn, VA

Culpepper Landing
Chesapeake, VA

After spending years on HOA Boards and Pool Committees, we decided to solve these problems.
Today, we drastically reduce pool access management time, cut costs
and even receive an occasional "thanks" from a homeowner.

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